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Double Chin Treatment in Adelaide

For years, men and women have been unhappy with fatty deposits located under their chin and neck area, often referred to as a "double chin". These fatty deposits, or submental fullness cause some patients to feel less attractive and confident, but they are not ready for an invasive surgical procedure to correct it.


  • Ageing
  • Genetics
  • Weight Changes
People tend to feel like they look older and heavier than they actually are.

The Treatment is:

  • Clinically proven with TGA approval
  • Non-surgical, safe approach to localised fat reduction that provides a more pleasing, confident appearance.
  • Customised results as treatments are tailored to suit each patient’s anatomy and circumstances
  • Outcome – contoured jawline and neck profile


The injectable product contains synthesised deoxycholic acid when injected below the chin it breaks down fat cells, fat is then absorbed by the body.

Actual Patient Before

chin before treatmemt

Actual Patient After 2 Treatments

chin after treatmemt


Depends on each patient’s anatomy and circumstances. Often two treatments may be given, but can have up to six treatments.
Visible results in two treatments. Sessions are spaced apart at 6 weekly intervals.
Re-treatment is not necessary as fat cells removed from under the chin area will not return.


A quick injectable treatment that can be completed in 15 – 20 minutes.
Procedure is not a surgical treatment.

Contact the clinic for further enquires and to make a complimentary consultation appointment so Caroline can assess whether you are a good candidate for the treatment and how many treatments you may require, the length of time between treatments and the expected results and costs.

Contact us now at (08) 8431 1127 to discuss our double chin treatment.